Dr. Tufft is a Certified Wound Specialist CWS. He Provides Wound Care in the Oakland Office as Well as Many Extended Care Facitities in the Community and Hospital HBO/Wound Centers. He Offers Modern Diagnostic and Therapeutic Wound Management Including Vascular Testing, Wound Culturing, VAC or Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Debridement, Skin Substitute Dressings, Electrical Stimulation, and Hyperbaric Therapy. Wound/Diving Medicine/HBO Diving Medicine Dr. Tufft is a Board Certified Diving Physician. In the Oakland Office, He Conducts Fitness to Dive Evaluatons, Risk Determination, Treatment of Minor Dive injuries and Return to Diving Evaluations. He Cannot Treat Decompression Sickness or the Bends at this Location. Such Patients Will Be Transferred to a Hyperbaric Medicine Center. Go to Link www.divinghbo.com    Hyperbaric Medicine Dr. Tufft is a American Board Certified Specialist in Hyperbaric Medicine. He is the Program Director at the HBO Department at Doctors Medical Center. HBO is Used as Adjunctive Therapy for Wounds, Osteomyelitis, Radiation Injury, Decompression Illness, Compromised Grafts, CO poisoning, Gas emboli, Necrotizing Infection,  and Trauma. At his Oakland Office Hyperbaric Medicine Consultation is Offered with Arrangements Made for Therapy.  Link to www.hbo911.com.    Link to www.woundhbo.com. Wound Care