Welcome to the Medical Practice Web Site of Robert David Tufft MD. The private practice location in Oakland CA. serves the medical needs for many patients throughout the Bay Area and surrounding communities.  The Practice Core Specialty is Internal Medicine or Adult Non-Surgical Medicine which includes preventative medicine, wellness checks, as well as the treatment of adult disease states such as hypertension,diabetes, asthma, heart disease, liver/kidney/bowel disease and allergies. Additionally, the practice offers Geriatric Medicine Specialty Care for the older patient and Specialty Care in Diving Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care. Welcome to the Practice. Internal Medicine Dr Tufft is a American Board Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine, ABIM. Internal Medicine is Adult Non-Surgical Medicine. Geriatric Medicine Dr. Tufft is a American Board Certified Specialist in Geriatric Medicine, ABIM-Geriatric Medicine. Geriatric Medicine is the treatment of the older patient. Undersea Medicine Dr. Tufft is a Board Certified Diving Medicine Physician. ABPM  Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine.  Hyperbaric /  Wound Medicine/Wound Dr. Tufft is a Board Certified Hyperbaric Medicine Physician, ABPM Undersea & Hyperbaric  Medicine. Additionally he is a Certified Wound Specialist. CWS. Robert David Tufft MD Internists Medical Group, A Prof. Corp.